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Sodium Nitrate

Molecular formula:NaNO3

Molecular weight : 84.99

Properties:.It is white crystal, rhombus crystal and white tiny powder. It iseasily soluble in water and aqueous ammonia ; while it is slightlydissolved in methanol, alcohol, and solvent ether. In addition, itshows strong hydroscopic property.

Uses: it ismostly used in manufacturing nitro-compound, Potassium nitrate , azodyestuff, dye mordant in textile coloration, bleaching agent, metalheat treatment auxiliary agent, and antispetic in pharmaceuticalindustry


Assay (on Dried basis): 99.% Min.

Moisture: 1.5% Max.

Water insoluble matter: 0.06% Max.

Sodium Nitrite (NaNO2): 0.02% max.

Chloride  (As Cl): 0.3% Max.

Carbonate (As Na2CO3): 0.1% Max.

Iron (As Fe): 0.005% Max.